Chance to Promote Your Business Through Online Medium

Promoting or marketing is really a vital importance of any start up or settled business.  Your business needs to be more popular among people to fetch you clients. Media today has spread its wide wings all over the world. Internet Marketing can bring your business at notice of most number of potential clients. It can be rightly referred that putting up about your brand over the internet can increase your sales and thus hike profit. Internet marketing has many ways but one effective way is by creating a website for your business. Lancashire based Web Design Company

Necessity of owning a website

Designing your own website about your business is really a brilliant step which requires web design. Web design includes graphic design, interface design, authoring including standardization of code and proprietary software, search engine optimization and user experience design. It helps you communicate to huge number of people about your brand in a short time. You can put introduction about your business including its nature, working, inspiration drawn, founder’s speak etc, state the benefits of your service, offer sales and discounts by making announcements, or update information in case of any change. That is how people can get to know about it the fastest. You can put a less formal approach by uploading videos of daily activities of your business working, the journey so far from the time you started the business and videos answering common queries. All these help in approaching the mass and grabbing their attention as it is quite communicative. It is easy to create a website. Even you can create one but what is important is to make an attractive one so that people like what they see. The right website design firm which is available in the market helps you in setting up a website for your company or organization and makes way for you to promote business globally. They have professional web designers who take care of each little detail of your personalized business website. You can either hire a highly skilled website designing team for every step in making certain kind of website to promote the business in online easily.

SEO tips to follow in Brisbane for a successful web design

If you own a business online and are the marketer, perhaps you know the importance of SEO. Youronline success relies on the service you get from the professional SEO firm. Search engine optimization is a crucial part of business marketing strategy and taking professional SEO service is worth your money. Simply put, SEO is the technique of changing the website’s visibility such that it attracts maximum traffic online and ranks higher across the search engines. Your potential customers enter the keywords in the search box and to ensure that they find you, your business has to show up on Google’s first page. Using SEO, a business makes search engine understand what the business is about and what the content has to state. SEO Brisbane is an inbound marketing strategy which attracts quality traffic.

SEO services rank you higher in the search engine result pages. SEO work must start right at the moment when the website is being designed. The process is ongoing and continues for years even after the website is already designed. So, if you want to implement Search engine optimization to benefit your website and to rank higher, follow the top 25 SEO tips given here for 2019 in order to gain the maximum exposure.

Structure your website in a proper manner

Prepare the layout of the website and structure it accordingly. Optimize its header and subtitles in the manner given below:

<h1>, </h1>

<h3> while the page content should have </h3>

The page title and the subtitle should have target keywords for optimization.

Choose the best keywords for the content  

If you choose keywords that are never searched by the users, your whole effort to optimize the website will go in vain. Utilize the best keyword research tools and find keywords for the content. Invest some money on the resources to find the best keywords that are searched usually online. Buy the sponsored ads, pay for a high end website design and use the SEO keyword search tools for free. To generate sales, to gain high ranking, you may use long-tailed keywords.

Go through your competitor’s website

On checking the website of your competitors, you will know what they are doing. Check the incoming links that competitor has. Analyse your competitors by considering linking criteria given below:

  • How does the competitor rank across the search engine?
  • The quality or quantity of the links
  • Keyword selection for the content, the title and subtitles
  • The popularity of the linking page and the linking domain

Write quality content

The content you post on the website must be linkable and sharable. Use long-tailed keywords to earn high ranking. The content you post must be 100% unique, original, information-rich and should give value to the users. It should be backed by references and facts. Use titles that start with ‘How to’, ‘Tips to’, ‘Discount upto’, ‘Guide to’ and such kinds.

Optimize the Home Page title

It really matters how long the Home Page title is. Keep title under 70 characters and the words that are relevant to the content. Include search terms in the Homepage title to increase the search.

Optimize Meta Description

As you optimize the home page title, you must also optimize the Meta Description. Use best terms in the Meta description that don’t appear spam. Use words like ‘Buy and Sell’, ‘Shop from the biggest collection of..” and similar. Similarly, you have to optimize Meta tags and subtitles.

Main content at the top

Place the main content on top of the page.

Create a sitemap for the users

The sitemap should contain URLs that direct to other pages of your website. The users can get the information they are looking for. This is the golden rule for SEO Brisbane.

Text format needed for the Header Link and footer

Use text format instead of using images for the header links and footer. While adding the links, use java script.

Other tips you need to follow

  • Avoid the use of nested tables
  • The website page should abide by the W3C accessibility standard
  • Assign 404 page errors only for the broken links on your site. Well, you should avoid broken links as much as possible.
  • Use SEO-friendly links and incorporate relevant terms separated by underscore and hyphen
  • Use images to attract users

To make the website credible to the search engine, get the links of other websites. Use clickable buttons to connect to social networking sites. Keep updating the content from time to time. Get professional SEO Brisbane service for the task is not easy.

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Top 5 Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design

Have you ever found it annoying when you opened a web page on your phone and had to traverse the entire screen to find what you were looking for? Blame unresponsive websites for that. They take up your time,efforts, even your phone’s battery. In this digital age where predominant web traffic comes through phone browsers, it has become essential to have are sponsive web design for your site. What is responsive web design you ask?Let’s find out!

Responsive Web Design in a Nutshell

 Responsive web design is a technique used by webdevelopers which makes websites ‘respond’ or react to different view ports—think of it as a user’s viewing window of a webpage. Basically, the practice of optimizing the website to fit different screen sizes and resolutions.

Why You Need a Responsive Website?

Ever since mobile phones have replaced laptops and personal computers for mid-to-heavy tasks, we have gotten into the habit of using our phones for pretty much everything. More people use the internet today than ever before to access information, be it browsing the web or reading news articles. A report from Statista suggests mobile internet users as of October 2018 were a mind-boggling3.9 billion!

 So, if you don’t have a responsive website, optimized formobile screens, your visitors are likely to make a move than stay on your website.

With that said, there are a lot of advantages of having are sponsive website design. Some being:

  • Reduced Bounce Rates

Bounce rate, in simple terms, is the percentage of users on a website who leave in a short amount of time rather than staying on the website for longer. Bounce rate affects web traffic and is higher on websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Lower bounce rates are a good sign that users are likely to stay on your website.

By making your website responsive, you have a much higher chance of engaging your visitors on your website. Thus, a good mobile friendly website experience is the key to good web traffic.

  • Better Overall User Experience and Conversions

While your website may be filled with the right amount of information for your visitors, it’s highly irrelevant if they’re unable to find it. A responsive web design allows the information to be displayed in anorganized and structured way. This is also crucial to turn your website visitors into customers and increase conversions.

A responsive website can help navigate your visitors to easily find information they’re looking for without unnecessary redirections,thus increasing their chances of getting converted. For e.g: signing up a form or clicking a link.

  • More Cost Savings

Creating one website for desktop interfaces and another for phones and tablets is sure to dig a hole in your pocket when it comes to cost. Not to mention the different maintenance costs that come with it. With an agency offering responsive web design services, you’re more likely to save cost when creating your website.

Thanks to fluid grid—a grid-based layout used in making responsive websites—your website will adjust to different screen displays automatically without the need of another website. Smart isn’t it?

  • Faster Load and Response Time

Faster load and response times are important for your website. Here’s why!

Did you know? According to experts, visitors on a website are more likely to leave if it fails to load within three seconds. That’s a clear indication of why you should have a faster loading website.

Responsive websites are equipped with functionalities like browser caching and responsive images which help boost the overall speed of your site.

  • Better Offline Viewing Experience

HTML5 and CSS3 have become the standard for designing web applications, which has given rise to the popularity of responsive websites.HTML5 makes it simpler for visitors to view content without an internet connection thanks to its support for offline application cache.

This means if your website is responsive in nature, your visitors also have an alternative of accessing it offline.

Now that we know why responsive websites are the thing,let’s not forget that its trend and popularity is here to stay. Hence, it’s crucial to give your website a responsive design revamp or get a newer one made(if you don’t have any.) With internet technologies evolving at a rapid pace,it’ll be interesting to see what holds for the future of web.

Great WordPress developer he do excellent job


In today’s international sector, it’s not sufficient to only have a digital presence. To take advantage of the opportunity and captivate on human visitors, an enhanced, efficient, and entertaining website is necessary.

1. Fast Loading:

     No one wants to hold back as your website loads. The site design should be designed with immediate loading for all customers on all gadgets including those with slow internet connections. You can use Pagespeed Insights or Pingdom by Search engines to verify the speed of your website and view the way to enhance it.

2. Mobile Ready:

    Almost everyone uses intelligent gadgets on an everyday basis. You need to build a mobile-friendly and engaging design that your viewers can access whenever they need.

3. Monitoring Allowed:

     Statistics issue – it’s the best way to figure out how your site is actually carrying out the task. The last design should consist of performance to evaluate key signs such as visitors, objectives, and alterations.

4. SEO Savvy:

    Don’t ignore the strength of improving your site for both web browsers and users. Create powerful, understandable material for your supporters. For the Google, always make use of all vital on-page SEO labels and components, such as schema and XML sitemaps.

5. Enabled CMS:

       We are not done yet with the power of the published content. Continually posting clean, unique material not only turns on your viewers, but it also delivers important long-term online marketing strength. Include a back-end system for content management in the design to ensure customers can post and modify material as needed.

6. Conversion Enhanced:

      Do you have conversion-centric clients? Apply tools for creating strategy landing pages into your design. These specific WebPages can keep the visitors of your site, guide them to schedule for a consultation, demand a product business presentation, and even purchase.

7. E-mail Promotion:

      Yes, email marketing is still a factor and an impressive factor at that. Capture forms for a site’s email ought to synchronize with the customer’s email marketing program for smooth connection and accessibility.

8. Social Media:

       You should never miss the chance to utilize the influence of social media. Incorporate all appropriate social media systems within your design. Enabling customers to quick access to your social media pages as this increase a brand’s achieve and increases exposure and traffic.

9. Powerful Protection:

    Never bargain on-site security. The design you use should include essential privacy and security protocols, such as key security assessments, to guard user and client information.

10. Modern Web Applications:

       Smart web developers, fascinated by the effect apps on cellular systems, have effectively combined the very best web and app functions into what we call Modern Web Applications.

11. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

        Synthetic intelligence is no longer an innovative, high-tech phrase and has efficiently worked well its way into our daily language and online experience. For instance, Adobe’s Sensei is providing AI resources to different website style systems globally, making it a more available and accessible resource.

Qualities to look for in a Shopify developer

If you are running a retail business, it is important for you to have your own e-commerce website. For this purpose, you either need to outsource the work to a development company or hire a freelance developer. If you are thinking of hiring a freelancer, then you must look for a developer expert in Shopify as it is the most preferred platform for e-commerce websites. There are many developers available in the market and hence you have to make the choice wisely. You must remember the fact that the success of your online business depends on the website, so the developer has to be an expert. Here is a list of qualities you must look for in a Shopify developer to judge if he is good enough to develop your website or not.

  1. Experience- As we all know very well, website developers build different websites using various platforms. The fact that matter the most is if the developer has the relevant experience or not. Relevant experience   means the experience of developing e-commerce websites using Shopify platform. This platform is totally different from the WordPress         platform and hence, the developer needs to have the specific knowledge of features and customizations in Shopify.
  2. Reputations- This involves many factors. You have to see if the Shopify            developer has a good reputation when it comes to meeting the expectations of          You cannot judge this quality by just talking with the       developers. You must talk to their past clients and get feedback             about what type of experience they had while working with them.
  3. An impressive portfolio- A good Shopify developer should have an impressive and diverse portfolio. You must understand the importance of a Shopify website and should not give it in the hands of an inexperienced and unprofessional person. A strong portfolio of a developer helps you check various types of websites developed by them. You can judge if they match with the expectations you have for your e-commerce website. Portfolio lets you understand the style and quality of their work. This makes it easier to take the decision about hiring them.
  4. Communication skills- During the development process of your Shopify website, it is important for you and the developer to maintain communication, to make sure everything is going on smoothly and as per the plan. The developer must have good communication skills so that he can express his vision clearly. The exchange of ideas and information is very crucial for the web development process. So, look for this quality while choosing a developer.
  5. Knowledge of SEOSearch engine optimization is very important for an e-commerce website in order to increase the visibility of your site on various search engines. SEO helps in driving remarkable traffic towards your website. This eventually helps in increasing the number of customers and gaining profit. If you choose a developer with SEO knowledge, it can be implemented during the development and you will have a great website which can appear in the top search engine results.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, a Shopify developer must have a positive approach towards his work, so that he can tackle the challenges easily. He must also have achieved expertise in responsive designs to develop a site that will run smoothly on any device. If you find all these qualities in a developer, hire him. You will definitely get the best e-commerce website for your business.

Author’s Bio:

Ketan Patel, the Digital Manager, likes to help the businessmen through his knowledge of digital marketing and other fields as well. In this article, he is guiding us about the qualities to look for in a Shopify developer.


Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Musicians

Currently, a captivating online presence is incredibly paramount, regardless of the kind of profession you run. If you are in the music industry, then you need an excellent online presence, and luckily, you have WordPress at your disposal. Being one of the most popular CMS platforms in the industry, WordPress makes it possible for all kinds of musicians to create their own website, show off their talents and garner an audience that becomes their fan base. WordPress provides musicians with a standard toolkit that is enough to get them a flying start but to make the websites as premium as possible. One needs to create a website that makes people want to stay, buy the music, go to their gigs, and leave very positive reviews. For you to achieve this, you not only need to have a great WordPress theme such as Sonaar, but you need to have great WordPress plugins.


As a musician, if you go on tour and gigs on a regular basis, you need to add GigPress to your website. This is because it will allow you to manage your upcoming or your past performances in the administration panel, and it will display them live on the website.  This plugin is straightforward to use, and you can manage different artists within it, presenting them either as combined listings or grouped by artist, which will be great for a live – menu venue. The plug-in features icalendar feeds, and downloadable Google calendar as well as icall links for different shows.

Event Organizer

While this plugin is not specifically used for musicians, it is an excellent option for gig management. It is a very comprehensive management tool that enables users to create as well as maintain events. When you use this plugin, you will have the ability to repeat events, sync with icall, assign values to events, and add discounts for codes among other things.

MF Gig Calendar

This plug it was designed with musicians in mind. Some of its features include support for different-day events, and an ability to include images, styled texts, links, and other media event listings, which is very easy to do.

Gigs Calendar

This plugin is way more advanced than the one above, and it is designed for musicians or bands who would like to include a calendar of their live performances on the WordPress websites. The plugin is user-friendly for both musicians and fans, and it can be used to manage venue data as well as location mapping, and ticket purchases.


If you would like to show off some pictures of yourself and your band, then the NextGen image gallery is simply one of the best you can have. You can even have the free or pro version, but of course, the provision has a lot more to offer than the free version.

Spotify Master

With Spotify master, you will have the ability to display music, playlists, or entire albums through the music network Spotify. It is error-free given the fact that it uses HTML instead of javascript, and it has very fast page loading speeds.

Thank Me Later

As a musician, you need to reach out to your fans, and Thank-Me-Mater is the best way for you to do it without having to spend a lot of time on your computer. One great thing about this plugin is that you can automate the responses once visitors leave comments.

The California Yacht Club Hosts Yachting Talks By The Well-Known Women’s Sailor Allie Blecher

Ladies, mark your calendars. The California Yacht Club (CYC) in Marina del Rey will host a lecture by Allie Blecher, a highly famous nautical breeder. The talks in this regard will take place on Wednesday 3 October.

Even though the log is not gender-specific, this event takes into consideration women who get jumps and boundaries in the world of seaways. Blecher, who is also a mentor and trainer, has spent much of his career encouraging women to participate in sailing events and to compete with competitive sailors.

Blecher currently serves the California International Sailing Association and also participates in the Magenta Project, an organization that strengthens women from all culturally diverse backgrounds to learn the sport as a sport.

In a statement by CYC, she said “What started as an ambition to be competitive at the highest level resulted in inspiring a huge base of fans and female sailors across the globe. In order to continue the legacy, The Magenta Project was formed. A collective of passionate, committed female athletes showed sailing as one of the few sports where women can compete directly against men on equal terms.”

In addition, Blecher won in 2017 the prestigious SCYA Peggy Slater Memorial Trophy in Annapolis, which recognizes female seamen for their contribution to strengthening women’s participation in sailing. Blecher will definitely talk about these achievements as well as the sailing possibilities for women. The presentation will be held at. 7.30 There is no fee for this event and it is open to all (men and women) who have a curiosity about yachting.

Reservations are requested; Stains can be kept by emailing; Call 310-823-4567 if you have questions. CYC is located at 4469 Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey. Check the link to learn more about The Magenta Project. To learn more about the California Yacht Club, visit the website at

5 Tips for a more Secure WordPress Website

When it comes to running a WordPress site, security is of significant concern. As a WordPress owner, it is your responsibility to protect your website from security attacks or hackers. WordPress is among the most targeted sites across the web.

Whether you are a WordPress Pro or a beginner, you should always ensure that you practice security tips to prevent it from hackers. You should strengthen the admin page and login page so that no any hacker can gain access. WordPress also provides security tools and plugins that you can install to secure it.

The following are five tips that can enhance your WordPress security.

  1. Training users the best practices

The website designer has a role in training the users the best practices. The users should know online security. They should practice the following:

  • Provide back-end access to only those that need it.
  • Use complex passwords that can’t be cracked easily
  • Should not install plugins without considering the need against risks
  • Leave plugin decisions to the experts

All of these practices can make the users aware of what they are doing to prevent any risks that may occur.

  1. Utilizing SSL

Traditionally, Secure Socket Layer [SSL] was used only on business sites or sites which handled vital information. But nowadays it’s standard. SSL ensures that the data transfer between the user browser and the server is secure. This makes it difficult for hackers to breach the connection.

Some good website hosting company offers free certificate through a service like Let’s Encrypt. If not, then they can campaign for it at alow cost. SSL is good for a website because Google tends to ranks site with SSL higher than those without. That means that it can give you more traffic.

  1. Choose Plugins Carefully

Plugins are usually not created equally; their quality vary. So you should study the plugin carefully before you install it. Check how regularly it gets updated, the support forum, and usage numbers if available. This can provide you with an idea of how it works.

Plugins can be abandoned as authors may be too busy for them or no longer have an interest in maintaining them. To avoid these possibilities, you should stay on top of things by knowing the kind of plugin that you are using, staying updated on new versions, and accessing WordPress-related news. You can also delete plugins that you no longer need.

  1. Have a Helping Hand

No human being can work all time around for 24/7.  But there are tools that can keep a watchful eye or 24/7. Security tools such as Wordfence or iThemes are great alternatives because they can sense a suspicious code or behavior. That means, they can limit failed login attempts, alert you when your software is outdated and prevent the execution of malicious code. These security plugins can handle threats from bots and humans, but they cannot protect your site 100%, though they provide an extra layer of protection.

  1. Turn off Unneeded Functionality

A good installed WordPress by Web Design Warrington comes with a lot of features. But there is a higher chance that you won’t use all of them. So you should turn off those features that you don’t use. Features that you may not use include; REST API, Gravatars, and XML-RPC so they should be shut off.

Josh Cook, Former Northerner Is Hoping To Sail For Victory

‘I am so excited that I am representing my country in this way,’ says Josh Cook. Cook is a young man and has his roots in Yellowknife. This week he is competing in a unique sailing competition that is taking place in Scotland.

Josh Cook is now 19 years old and he is representing Canada, along with Brian Arthur and David Brown at the Blind Match Racing World Championships (BMRWC) in Rhu, Helensburgh.

Here, all three will race opposite sailors of Great Britain, Australia and United States who are either blind or partially sighted. They will race on Sonar keelboats around a defined course. The race will start from 1st of Sept. And will conclude in 7th of September.

The features of race are

  • Setting sails with Great Slave Lake gardeners Toronto.
  • All the female teams will proud to ‘Sail Like a Girl’ in a difficult Race in Alaska.

When Cook was asked about the race, he said “I am very nervous but I am excited also that I am able to represent my country this way. There is nothing like this. I couldn’t have more than this.”

Cook has Stargardt disease this is an inherited retina disorder. The diseases cause slow and gradual loss of central vision. This is something that Cook is grown to adapt to.

He said “In the past three years I have lost most of my central vision. Now, it is like if I look directly at people I won’t be able to see them. In a layman language you can understand this in a way that is just like a white blur in front of me directly,” he said.

The sailors who are visually impaired have to rely on the sound of wind and buoys, sound and communication with their teammates.

Twitter as Marketing & Networking Tool for Businesses

Twitter is a leading social networking tool that connects you with the others. Twitter allows for you to connect with anyone and from anywhere. It enables your business marketing different from other networks. Here’s why Twitter is great for your Businesses.

As Businesses need new customers to grow, they need to connect with different people on every day basis. Twitter is one of the most interactive platforms that help you reach out to anyone and create opportunity. Unlike the Facebook and other social media networks, you don’t need the approval of your connection request. You can just search and find the account that you are looking for and then you can reach out to them right away.

If Businesses need to grow, they need to create their footprint on the web and their communities. To attain this, you need to get connected with the new connections every day. Do not ignore a single connection because you would never know that where these connection leads to. If your business couldn’t improve its connections, they it is worse than moving backwards where it has started.

What Businesses need to do on Twitter?

  • Add new connections on everyday basis.
  • Find connections using the Twitter advanced search options.
  • Use the Google search console to find the key players in your industry.
  • Make great connections and start reaching to your targeted audiences in a more interactive way.

Twitter Marketing Tips:

  • Choose a right twitter handle, profile photo and header image.
  • Choose the easy to remember name and maintain consistency on all other social media profiles too.
  • Keep your Twitter handle length short and sweet.
  • Use Business logo as the profile photo for the Businesses. Choose an image that can be seen by the people even when compressed.
  • Promote your brand awareness using the Twitter header.
  • Optimize the Bio and showcase about your brand.
  • Tweet only during the peak hours. Identify the peak hours for your Business audiences and post during that time. Through this, you can gain more impressions and clicks.
  • Tweet during the weekends because the tweets posted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday has gained more Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Use the right Hash Tag instead of overusing them.
  • Find the potential customers using the advanced searches. Instead of posting and reaching to the current customers, it’s necessary to connect with the new connections by searching using the industry-specific terms.
  • Improve your Tweets &ReTweets by adding the images to your posts.
  • Get engaged with your connections using the Twitter videos.
  • Interact with the followers by conducting polls.
  • Use creative CTA’s.
  • Reach out to your business influencers to get more exposure and brand awareness.
  • Twitter ads are expensive, but it will boost the post engagement.

Twitter Marketing is one of the best social networking sites to create the brand awareness, improve followers, and generate new leads. The lifespan of a tweet is very much shorter than a Facebook post because thousands of Tweets are generated for every second. Connect and reach maximum audiences for your Business using Twitter, the most interactive way to promote your business.

4 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

If you own a small business then you must be fascinated by the manner in which big brands have had great success when it comes to social media management or campaigns to reach customers. You will find yourself envying their success and even wish that all that success was yours. Owning a small business means that you are financially limited in carrying out a customer outreach campaign. However, you can still pull off a social media campaign with great success provided that you use some few strategies which have been proven to have a great impact on any social media campaign. Adopt some of the campaigns used by big brands in all your social media channels and you will be successful. You can as well seek the services of a search engine optimization analytics pro to help you with your social media marketing and growing your sales-oriented traffic.

  1. Go personal for your small business

An example of brands that have gone personal with their businesses and succeeded is Purina. Brands are usually faced with the challenge of being authentic and as such their sales might be affected. If you have to overcome this challenge then you must come up with a campaign that makes customers to trust you and thus boosting both your social media engagement and sales. For instance with Purina they started a campaign showing people the behind the scenes look of Purina employees and their pets. This highlighted the emotional connections people usually feel with their animals.all of a sudden people started having a personal connection with the brand. Allow people to see what it is like in the behind the scenes as transparency builds a sense of trust with people.

  1. Go social with your customer service

Most of the small businesses do not have a customer service team which is always readily available to answer any questions raised. However, this can not stop you from using this strategy effectively. You can use a tool like Buzzlogix to engage yourself in social media listening. Go through the mentions and see whether any questions have been raised and then answer them immediately using social media. Not only this strategy will save you much time but it will also transform your brand to a stand out one. When people notice that your response in social media are quick, they will prefer the platform hence freeing up your phone lines Southwest airlines applied this strategy by creating a social listening center which has proven to be of much success.

  1. Creating own video sensation

You do not have to be producing popular beverages in the entire globe in order to employ this strategy. You can create a video footage using your phone giving it a title, a descriptions and adding some tags. You can then generate the video in sites like You Tube or Facebook in ads form and then you can employ analytics to find out how the video is performing. Videos are one of the most powerful social media tools and companies like coca-cola have utilized this opportunity effectively in having successful social media campaigns.

  1. Finding your own influencers

You might be thinking that as a small business owner it will be a difficult task to find influencers of your own. This is not actually true as influencers are everywhere. All you have to do is reach them out and then can help turn your social media campaign into a big success. You will need to identify them first and then reach them. When you find them make sure that you engage them, frequently being in touch with the content they share. As such you can be able to build good relationships with them and thus you can approach them asking if they can be part of your campaign. Most people are likely to purchase a product if it has been endorsed by an influencer. Companies like Starbucks used this strategy to reach out new customers.

  • Partner links