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How to Choose SEO and Sem Company in Singapore

You do not optimize for Google but for a real person, a user who is a potential customer. Keep an eye on your target audience, create attractive content for them, ensure ideal conditions where the content is presented (technically good website). And promote this content on social media to build a fan base. Google will reward you automatically.

Below are all SEO tips that you can (and should) apply to get the most out of your content marketing.

Technical SEO tips

In addition to content optimization, being good at SEO Singapore is primarily a technical game. Do you have little or no technical knowledge? Use these SEO tips to beat your website builder.

Technical ranking factors SEO

  • Think of technical SEO ranking factors:
  • Trust your domain and webspace
  • Speed โ€‹โ€‹of loading your website
  • Display your website on mobile
  • Consistent and intuitive user experience (User Experience)

Number of characters of domain name

How many characters does your domain name consist of? Try to use up to 15 characters if you can choose a new domain name. Do not use special characters or other characters. Also pay attention to how a domain name can be interpreted.

Which CMS do you choose?

Choose a safe and good CMS. But there are dozens of content management systems that you can choose from. Choose a system that is well maintained under the bonnet. Are you not technically and do you depend on a web design agency or web developer? Ask him as many questions as possible about the things you want to improve. If they do not know about search engine optimization, then you can poke through that.

Ask for Results from Past Campaigns

Results from past campaigns speak volumes about the skills of the company you want to pick. Obviously, if they are not good at SEM Singapore and their previous campaigns were a failure, you wouldn’t pick them. Ask what past campaigns they had, what the return on investment was, how these campaigns were executed (i.e. where did they publish PPC ads โ€, or smaller networks), etc. It is true that you can’t be given access to trade secrets, so some of the questions you want to ask might not be ok, but if a SEM company can’t show results, this is a reason to move on to the next on your list.

Background Check Them

Their past results might look gorgeous (or at least the set of campaigns they tell you about) but this alone isn’t enough. It is quite possible that the campaigns you were told about aren’t representative about their work, so it’s pretty misleading. Therefore, you need more proof about their skills.

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