Essential Supports for the Reliable Plumbers

In each house there are several plumbing devices. Each of them requires constant care and repair times. In order not to call a specialist with every little breakage it is worth knowing several tips for repairing plumbing at home.

What to do when a tap is running

A frequent cause of leakage of water faucets is worn saddle of this sanitary device. In order to fix such a breakdown it is enough to replace the self-made thick conical gasket. However, it is worth remembering that for successful work such a gasket will need to be made twice as thick as the original one and, if possible, from the skin. You can fix a small piece of waterproof leather on the bolt. A recommended plumber in Singapore now you will be able to have the best option now.

Attach the bolt to the manual or any other drill in the chuck and polish the saddle of the crane. There is an option to repair the crane without removing it from the water pipe. This requires a tube, the diameter of which is 8 mm, and the height of the order of four or five. In the crane saddle, make a recess with a diameter equal to the diameter of the tube and a depth slightly less than its height.

Blockages in the pipes

There are several ways to quickly and easily clean the clogged downspouts. To begin with, you need to plug all the plumbing drains that go to this pipe. Then fill all plumbing fixtures with covered plums with water, as much as possible. The next step is to open all the plums sharply. A sharp increase in pressure can help in cleaning the pipe . Otherwise, it is necessary to resort to the help of a plunger.

Through the drain in the bathroom, energetic movements are necessary to change the pressure in the drainage pipe. In the absence of a plunger and weak blockages, a dense package of dairy products can help. By sending an open end to the drain, such a bag, it must be vigorously crushed and expanded to create a variable pressure. As an option, you can take a piece of flexible pipe and push it as close to the blockage as possible with one end. The second end must be connected to the tap with hot water. A reliable plumber in Singapore is the perfect option now.

A directional flow of hot water should wash off dirt and grease from the pipes, thus eliminating blockage. You can pour a couple of spoons of soda into the drain, and then splash vinegar there. A strong chemical reaction and large foaming can dilute and push the blockage into the sewer. However, it is worth giving preference to special means from blockages in the pipes.

There are leaks everywhere

If you need to eliminate the leak in the tap, which switches the direction of the flow of water between the sink and the bathroom, it is enough to unscrew it and cover the cone with wax, or any other thick grease. In the most extreme case, even soap can come up. If you need to repair the faucet in the kitchen, while not blocking the water on the way to the apartment, then you need to perform the following actions.

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