Compare the offers of road haulers before choosing the ideal one

Before choosing your carrier on the road, the best is to determine the desired service. This can be a simple routing of goods from point A to point B with a pre-pickup. He will have to ensure the delivery of the cargo in good condition and within the given time. But, you may have specific needs. For example, you want a quick treatment of your transport, and then make sure that you can benefit from a priority shipment. You may also need a delivery on a particular day, such as a Sunday, will it be possible?

You must also check the type of guarantee offered by the transport company, the type of insurance it offers in case of problems before choosing the carrier to whom you will entrust the delivery of your goods.

You should also know that there are professional free freight load boards specialized in the transport of certain types of goods such as medicines, foodstuffs or computer equipment. All of these criteria are essential for your choice. To save time, you can search online. This will facilitate your request for quotes from several carriers. After receiving these quotes, the comparison of the offers according to the services you are looking for will be simple.

Choose your road carrier according to the price of the service

To set prices for the carriage of goods by road, companies rely on a tax by weight or a flat tax. When the price is fixed according to the weight, the road carrier takes as reference the fictitious weight of the goods. This fictitious weight is the ratio between the weight in tons and the volume in m3, in other words a ratio of 1 to 3. To obtain the price, it is sufficient to multiply the result obtained by the tariff per ton proposed by the transport company. . Here is the example of a commodity of 7 tons in real weight representing a volume of 21m3; the taxable tons of merchandise are 3. The calculation is 21m3 / 7 tons = 3. For the price of transport, it is necessary to multiply 3 by the tariff of the carrier. Some carriers may add additional charges to this rate.

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