Qualities to look for in a Shopify developer

If you are running a retail business, it is important for you to have your own e-commerce website. For this purpose, you either need to outsource the work to a development company or hire a freelance developer. If you are thinking of hiring a freelancer, then you must look for a developer expert in Shopify as it is the most preferred platform for e-commerce websites. There are many developers available in the market and hence you have to make the choice wisely. You must remember the fact that the success of your online business depends on the website, so the developer has to be an expert. Here is a list of qualities you must look for in a Shopify developer to judge if he is good enough to develop your website or not.

  1. Experience- As we all know very well, website developers build different websites using various platforms. The fact that matter the most is if the developer has the relevant experience or not. Relevant experience   means the experience of developing e-commerce websites using Shopify platform. This platform is totally different from the WordPress         platform and hence, the developer needs to have the specific knowledge of features and customizations in Shopify.
  2. Reputations- This involves many factors. You have to see if the Shopify            developer has a good reputation when it comes to meeting the expectations of          You cannot judge this quality by just talking with the       developers. You must talk to their past clients and get feedback             about what type of experience they had while working with them.
  3. An impressive portfolio- A good Shopify developer should have an impressive and diverse portfolio. You must understand the importance of a Shopify website and should not give it in the hands of an inexperienced and unprofessional person. A strong portfolio of a developer helps you check various types of websites developed by them. You can judge if they match with the expectations you have for your e-commerce website. Portfolio lets you understand the style and quality of their work. This makes it easier to take the decision about hiring them.
  4. Communication skills- During the development process of your Shopify website, it is important for you and the developer to maintain communication, to make sure everything is going on smoothly and as per the plan. The developer must have good communication skills so that he can express his vision clearly. The exchange of ideas and information is very crucial for the web development process. So, look for this quality while choosing a developer.
  5. Knowledge of SEOSearch engine optimization is very important for an e-commerce website in order to increase the visibility of your site on various search engines. SEO helps in driving remarkable traffic towards your website. This eventually helps in increasing the number of customers and gaining profit. If you choose a developer with SEO knowledge, it can be implemented during the development and you will have a great website which can appear in the top search engine results.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, a Shopify developer must have a positive approach towards his work, so that he can tackle the challenges easily. He must also have achieved expertise in responsive designs to develop a site that will run smoothly on any device. If you find all these qualities in a developer, hire him. You will definitely get the best e-commerce website for your business.

Author’s Bio:

Ketan Patel, the Digital Manager, likes to help the businessmen through his knowledge of digital marketing and other fields as well. In this article, he is guiding us about the qualities to look for in a Shopify developer.


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